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Insta CC Global

Give Your Customers A Consistently Superior Contact Center Experience

Introducing instacc global™ – the best-in-class, cloud-based, contact centre solution

Superior end-customer experience. Enjoy a reliable and efficient cloudbased solution that provides a state-of-the-art physical transport
infrastructure, a global MPLS network,and leading-edge voice, data centre, and contact centre
Unparalleled control. Customers benefit from full control of performance,visibility of the outsourced contact centre, as well as knowing
when and where to direct calls based on its performance.
Fast start-up and time to market. Your contact centre is up and running in record time with modular, pre-integrated services that let you
quickly and easily open new offices – and scale capacity up or down as needed.
Modular, pre-integrated solutions. Choose from a wide range of the latest application modules, bundled together in one package so you
can deploy contact centre technology virtually anywhere in the world at a moment’s notice.
Outstanding savings. With a minimal up-front investment, zero maintenance, and pay-as-you-go
pricing, monthly costs are predictable, manageable, and lower across the board. Our customers typically cut their Total Cost of Ownership by approximately 30%*.
Integrated carrier grade SLA. Get end-to-end SLA for physical transport, network, voice, data centre and contact centre applications.

Deliver A Consistently Excellent Customer Service Experience Without Spending Time And Money Building A Contact Centre.

Delivering superior customer service is critically important to every enterprise. But building, managing, and maintaining a contact centre is time consuming, costly, and diverts CAPEX away from your core business.

Dealing with multiple vendors such as telcos, OEMs, application providers, and system integrators is complicated and wastes time and money. Not only that, each vendor provides a different level of service resulting in an inconsistent experience for your customers. The result is lower functionality and efficiency—and a level of service that frustrates customers.

The answer is InstaCC Global™, our cloud-based, hosted solution that lets you quickly, easily, and economically establish contact and call centres on demand without significant up-front costs. It includes valuable features such as outbound and omni-channel communications, automatic call distribution, predictive dialing, real time and historical reports, call recording, and quality and monitoring systems. Based on a flexible and economical pay-as-you-go model, InstaCC Global™ lets you control costs while quickly and easily scaling to handle increasing demand.

Key Features

Integrated applications. These include campaign and lead management systems, automatic call distribution, call recording, predictive dialing, quality control and monitoring.
Customised reporting. Our system integrates with your key business applications, including Do Not Call (DNC) list management, and provides customisable real-time and historical reports on campaign results.
World-class security. Our service runs on a carrier grade platform in an ISO 27001 certified secure data centre environment, following strict Business Impact Level (BIL) standards.
End-to-end SLAs. You benefit from a single, unified SLA for all your physical transport, voice, network, data centre, and application services ensuring an end-to-end, fully managed solution.
Rock-solid reliability. We proactively monitor your services 24/7/365, ensuring carrier-grade reliability and the highest possible level of security.
With Tata Communications, your InstaCC Global™ contact centre is integrated with more than 1600 carriers, 785 mobile providers, and 700 VoIP operators giving you worldwide reach and support.No wonder more than 70 global enterprises have chosen InstaCC Global™ as their contact centre solution. We invite you to join them.